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Baby panda somersaulting to Papa Panda
Panda Rescue
created by
Bob Dea
Credits: Music WhenIm46 courtesy of

Click here for "Panda Rescue" YouTube Video 

Screen shot of Panda Rescue Level 18
copyright Bob Dea 2011 - all rights reserved 

                Help Papa Panda rescue baby panda Stevie and his animal friends who have been captured
              and caged by an evil circus ring master.

              There are 60 levels to complete in total, providing hours of enjoyment. To successfully
              complete a level, you must rescue all of Stevie's friends, remove all obstacles, and enable
              Papa Panda to land on top of Stevie's cage. 

              But be careful -- If you touch the floor or go out of bounds, Papa Panda will be captured
              by the evil ring master and his crew.

                  For more apps by Robert Dea, search iTunes or visit

   Click here - iPhone version   /   Click here - HD for iPad

Support website:


 Dueling Starships 
  created by Bob Dea
Credits:  Battle March music courtesy of
   Dueling Starships screen    
copyright Bob Dea 2011 - all rights reserved
                   Defend Earth from Alien invaders.  Your starship is equipped with pulse lasers which you
               can fire by tapping the fire button. Beware--the Alien invaders have homing missiles and
               lasers. Use the joystick to maneuver your starship.

               Three modes available:  Easy, Normal and Hard

               Joystick - Control ship direction
               Tilt forward - Move forward
               Tilt up - Go backwards
               Touch fire button - Shoot laser
                Destroy Enemy Ships = 100 points; Missiles = 50 points; Lasers = 10 points

                Try using your thumbs - left on joystick and the right to fire the laser.


                - Dueling Starships will keep track of your score in each category.
                - You can toggle the music on/off.
                - You can toggle the sound on/off.
                - You can always return to the main menu by tapping the little house icon.


       Dueling Starships action screen       Dueling Starships HD Menu      Dueling Starships HD scores
                       Click here - iPhone version   /   Click here - HD for iPad

Support website:

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