Cathi (Cat) Wong  is a self-taught artist, with mechanical drafting credentials.  Pursuit of a career as a professional artist was initially sidetracked by a lengthy tour of duty in the corporate world, where Cat wore a number of different hats.  These included communications training supervisor and network producer (distance learning) for a major California utility.  During a restructuring phase,  she took the opportunity to set a different course, finally focusing on her bliss--art. 

Soon after exiting the corporate life, Cat became a freelance illustrator/cover designer for an East Coast publishing firm and was simultaneously hired as its West Coast representative, serving as a part-time author advocate.  Over a ten-year period, Cat honed her drawing skills and established a reputation as a talented designer, with a loyal following built on customer referrals nationwide.

A fourth generation Californian residing in San Francisco, Cat currently does occasional freelance design but primarily focuses on creating Clara and Clarence Bear e-book and game apps for both Apple iTunes and  the Amazon Appstore.  While  expanding Clara and Clarence Bear's world, she is often assisted by two family cats, BJ and Lima (sibling gray tabbies).  Their input is always invaluable.

                                                                                                Kitty with swishing tail.

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